Carve your story into the New World.

Conquer the Caribbean for King and Country   |   Plunder and Thieve for Personal Gain   |   Exploit Resources and Build a Trading Empire
Captain vessels from Frigates to Lineships in the persuit of wealth and glory.

Experience the Age of Sail.

Immerse yourself in competitive skill-based combat.
Play the game your way, with thousands of possible combinations of ships, skillsets and outfittings at your disposal.

Engage in tactical team based combat where theory crafting and cohesion create decisive victories.
Alternatively hunt your enemies down and defeat them in single combat. The sea is yours to take however you wish to take it.

Never pay-to-win.   |   Never grind-to-win.
Our founding principle was to develop games where variety is the reward for a player’s effort.

Balance is king. Anything less is unacceptable, no matter the matchup.
In every situation there will be something the better player can do that will turn the tide of a battle in their favour.

Visceral first-person boarding combat with muskets and rapiers.
Utilise period tactics and weaponry to claim enemy vessels for prize money or personal use.

Player driven Realm-vs-Realm on a national scale with an intertwined winner-takes-all economy model.
Conquer ports for the glory of your nation or to exploit their resources for personal gain.

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Old Gameplay (Community Made)

Introduction Trailer